• New Restaurant in Rehoboth!

    Wednesday, June 08, 2016   /   by Shenae Andrus

    New Restaurant in Rehoboth!


    You've probably heard that there are so many restaurants in Rehoboth, that you could eat at a new one every meal for the rest of your life and never run out of new restaurants to visit! (I'm still not sure if that's a true statement or not, but I could definitely see how someone might believe that.) After all, with all of the tourists that flock to the beach during the summer months, there have to be enough eateries around to accommodate the masses. For us locals, that just means that there is an endless supply of venues for parties, bakeries for sweet treats and romantic atmospheres for dates. My husband and I love exploring downtown Rehoboth and Lewes, each time trying something new.

    This past Monday evening, on our date night, we decided to walk towards the Rehoboth boardwalk and stop at the first restaurant that caught our eye. On that evening, it just so happened to be a brand new place called Blackwall Hitch Seafood Restaurant. I have to admit that the first thing that caught our attention was the decor. Looking through the large storefront windows we were immensely impressed with the Chesapeake Bay feel that was made to be a modern twist on a traditional shore tavern. Large vases of white hydrangea sat beside blue glass mason jars atop wooden tables surrounded by edgy and contemporary chairs. Exposed Edison bulbs hung from the ceiling and neutral colored curtains draped around sectioned off tables. 

    bwall hitch.JPG

    After being seated, my husband and I just enjoyed the atmosphere and felt completely relaxed in this comfortable yet sophisticated environment. Upon further chatting with our waitress, we were told that the restaurant had only been open for one week. It is one of three Blackwall Hitch restaurants in the country. We couldn't believe we were able to be some of the first few guests at this fabulous find. We made our selections and then were treated to the most delectable home made bread and butter. That had us hopeful that the main courses would also be just as impressive. The menu consisted of numerous seafood items from Maryland Crab Soup ($7-9) to Lemongrass Shrimp Noodle Salad ($17), Oyster appetizers, Filet Flatbread, Main Lobster Rolls and more. Prices on some items vary depending on the market value at the time. For non-seafood fanatics (gasp! Yes, they exist) there are still many options, including: Chicken Lemongrass Soup ($7-9), various salads ($8 ), Zucchini Frite and Fried Green Tomato appetizers, flatbread and burger options. Basically, they've got something for everyone! To see their full menu, click here. The prices are somewhat average to a little more pricey depending on what you choose. Don't forget to check out their yummy desert options too!

    While we were eating we heard a lot of compliments from the customers sitting around us. (Yes we were eavesdropping.) My hubby ordered the crab cake sandwich and was blown away by how delicious it was. Let's just say that the whole experience in itself was enough to convince us to visit again. The staff is still new and we observed some waiters and waitresses still being trained, but everyone was extremely friendly and we had an enjoyable experience. To simply soak in the ambiance alone would be worth a trip, and the scrumptious food choices certainly weigh in heavily.

    Ambiances like that which Blackwall Hitch provides, make Rehoboth such a special place to not only visit, but to live. For those of us blessed to call the east coast our home, we are able to utilize Rehoboth's natural beauty and all that it offers on a daily basis. If you have ever considered buying a second home or relocating to the area, we'd certainly understand why. Should you ever need a realtor to help you set up a personalized home buying plan, we at the Don Williams Group are more than happy to help. Our agents are skilled professionals that are highly trained to help clients find the home of their dreams near the beach of their dreams. Whether you're interested in buying a home or selling a home, give us a call today by clicking here! Don, Liz, Tripp, Sherri, Marian and Geoff are here to talk with you and begin the search (or the sale) today.