• Rose and Crown

    Rose and Crown

    We were attempting to stroll through downtown Lewes, but as you might imagine with the sporadic winter weather, we were not very successful. Most shops had been closed due to…

    Written by indwilliamsde
  • Grandpa Mac

    Grandpa Mac

    They say you should never assume, but when the name is “Grandpa Mac,” it’s a pretty safe bet to guess that they serve pretty much all things pasta. It’s the…

    Written by Shenae Andrus
  • New in Rehoboth

    New in Rehoboth

    Anyone that knows me, knows I am a strong Starbucks loyalist. It started back in my college days. Growing up, my parents were not big coffee drinkers. To quite the…

    Written by Shenae Andrus
  • History’s Treasure

    History’s Treasure

    My father always taught his three daughters the importance of learning about, and from, history. We visited more history museums in my childhood than I can remember, but his persistence…

    Written by Shenae Andrus