A “Juicy” Experience: Nectar Cafe and Juice Bar in Lewes


    NECTAR CAFE AND JUICE BAR – 111 NEILS ALLEY, LEWES, DE 19958 – PHONE: (302) 645-5842

    Do you ever grow tired of the same old, same old? You know what we mean… The same old fast food stops and the same old chain restaurants with underwhelming food choices. If your answer is yes, then we are right there with you. There is nothing more fulfilling then stumbling across an eclectic restaurant with delicious food, nuzzled into an undiscovered corner of town.

    With Nectar in Lewes, Delaware, “ordinary” is not an adjective you’d use to describe their establishment. Let’s start with the fact that its front entrance is located in a brick laid alleyway with the most charming sign hanging from its entrance. You almost feel as if you’ve stepped back in time to a period where shops were all run by local families and not large corporations or industries. And you haven’t even stepped inside the door yet!

    plates on wall

    Upon entering, you spot a food counter sitting in front of a large chalkboard menu. To your right are colorful aprons all hanging up on the wall. As you walk throughout the restaurant, your eyes will fall upon the most pleasant and enchanting decorations. One of our favorites is a wall sprinkled with old fashioned and brightly patterned china plates. If you have friends and family in town, this jaw-dropping restaurant offers an environment that’s sure to impress. A fireplace sits beside a small lounge area with couches for students to sit and study on. Large bookshelves stretch up the walls on either side. The shabby chic décor is so warm and inviting, and we haven’t even touched on the food yet!

    The first item you want to try is Nectar’s homemade drinks! It is a “Juice Bar,” after all. Their juices are of course, hand squeezed, and all it takes is one sip to realize it. The fruity flavors are so rich, that one will never again want to drink anything else. You owe it to yourself to grab a glass of these original mixes. Using fresh fruit and vegetables, drinks like the “Smarty Pants,” are created with spinach, kale, apple, basil, flaxseed, chia seed, and hemp seed. This drink contains a high level of omega 3’s which gives brain boosting power! They are both tasty and healthy, which in our eyes is a win-win.

    nectar bar

    Open 7 days a week from 7am until 9pm, Nectar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tantalizing menu options include Blueberry pancakes, Smoked Salmon, Buttered Pecan French Toast, Omelets and Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast! Traditional options with strong flavors and quality ingredients can be found on every page. The food counter at the front of the store holds yummy baked goods and desserts as well. For lunch, you can grab a small snack of hummus, kale chips or a cheese board. If a snack won’t cut it, then you can enjoy soup or salads of all sorts. Chicken Salad sandwiches as well as a Black Bean Burger, Brisket and the Powerhouse sandwich are just a few of the other decisions you have to make! (We know it will be hard.) To wrap it all up with dinner, you’ll find that this quaint café hosts more than light lunch options. Chicken Pot Pie, Lemon Ricotta Shrimp Bucatini and Pot Roast are on the menu alongside many other hearty meal choices. Then you can step up your dessert experience with Chocolate Avocado Torte, Lemon Meringue Cheesecake and more. Drooling yet?

    As if the food wasn’t enough to entice you into visiting Nectar, throw in an ambiance that is just plain exciting, relaxing and enjoyable all at the same time. It may bring back memories of your college days, sitting on sofas in Starbucks, studying the hours away with coffee and a book. Or it may remind you of playing dress up and having tea parties as a little girl. Whatever memories this restaurant incites, it’s sure to bring about many new and magical memories for those that visit.

    If you want to live in a location that has treasures such as Nectar on almost every corner, then Lewes and Rehoboth are the place for you. Filled with delightful boutiques, restaurants and events for the whole family, what is not to love? Call the Don Williams Group at 302.545.6859 today to set up an appointment. Let us help you to relocate, buy a second home, or purchase a retirement home by the water. You will never grow tired of having fun spots to visit, like Nectar, close by.


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