After The Turkey


    Thanksgiving is just two days away! No doubt by now you have family members in route to visit for this special holiday. The turkey has probably already been purchased and is patiently waiting in the freezer for its big debut. You are mentally preparing for hours of cooking prep, baking and hosting. The house is going to be vacuumed, guest bedroom sheets are going to be washed and reapplied and everything will get a good dusting before you special guests make their entrance onto the scene.

    You have probably already planned what time everyone should make their way over for the big Thanksgiving dinner and for those that are super organized, maybe even have a nice Thanksgiving Day outfit prepared for the holiday photos that your younger family members will be snapping throughout the day of festivities. But here’s one detail you may have missed … What will you do after it is all over? Once the dishes are washed, the leftovers are tightly sealed on their shelf in the refrigerator and your family members look to you with questioning glances. Do you all spend the final moments of your week off of work just staring across the living room at each other? Of course not! You live in Rehoboth – the place where there’s always something to do, especially this time of year.

    So here are a few things going on the day after Thanksgiving. For those friends and family that will be staying a day or two past Thanksgiving, we have you covered with some fun and festive activities to enjoy. We’re all about making memories and that certainly doesn’t have to stop with your big holiday dinner. Look what’s happening in Rehoboth!

    CRANBERRY BOG HIKING TRAIL – At 11am on Friday, meet up and participate in a 1.5 mile hike through the Pinelands Trail. Admission for the program is just $2 a person and the start up meeting point is at Seaside Nature Center in Cape Henlopen State Park. We think it’s a great way to work off all of those turkey, pasta and starch calories. C’mon, you know you need to! Plus, you’ll get to search for and observe actual wildlife, cranberries and natural wonders that the original colonists themselves probably saw.

    BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING – We know, we know. For some of you the idea of braving masses of crazed shoppers sounds more like torture than a family affair. But for those that find a little chaos worth the adrenaline of finding some good sales, we’ve got the Tanger Outlets with tax free shopping readily available. You may take it for granted as a Rehoboth Resident, but we promise that your friends and loved ones will be quite excited to explore these factory stores and their Black Friday deals! The Outlets are open from 6pm on Thursday through 10pm Friday evening. Many stores are offering great discounts on clearance and even store-wide.

    REHOBOTH BEACH TREE LIGHTING – We couldn’t make this up if we had tried! There’s nothing that will warm your heart with fuzzy feelings more than a tree lighting ceremony with those you hold dear. Located at the Rehoboth Band Stand near the boardwalk, the event will kick off with the CAMP Rehoboth Chorus leading in a Christmas Sing-A-Long at 6:30pm on Friday night. At 7:00pm, the Tree Lighting will take place and everyone from the community is welcome to attend. I mean, come on, can you think of anything more perfect to wrap up your Thanksgiving holiday and get you pumped for Christmas?

    SANTA’S STOP ON THE BOARDWALK – For the younger ones that still believe in Santa … Ok, the older believers too, you can visit the man himself at his house on the boardwalk! Beginning this Friday and every weekend until Christmas, he’ll be letting you plop on his knee with your Christmas list! Visiting hours on Friday are 11am-2pm and 4-8pm. (He has to take a break to make sure his elves are still hard at work after all!)

    Once again, Rehoboth’s beautiful scenery and warm atmosphere is topped off with an active community that keeps the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas alive with fun activities almost every day. Your guests will be impressed with the fun items you have planned for their Friday after Thanksgiving. No holiday food commas around here! We’re making memories! And when you’re ready to make another very special memory involving purchasing a new home or relocating to Rehoboth, don’t forget that we are here for you! The Don Williams Realty group not only specializes in real estate in Rehoboth, but also has a great passion for the community. It’s what propels us forward in making your dreams to be apart of that community come true. Call us today at 302-584-2548.


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