Christmas To Do, Round Two!

    CHRISTMAS BLOG 2We are men and women of our word! We promised you Christmas cheer activities leading up to Christmas day, and that’s exactly what we’re here to deliver. Christmas is only a few days away and we have ideas on how you can make each and every day special. All it takes is one planned moment with someone you love and a memory is made. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and it just requires a little time. So brush off the holiday cares, quit worrying about all the gift wrapping and take time to enjoy your friends and family. While you may not feel like going the extra mile to create a special moment, when it’s all said and done, we know you’ll never regret that you did. So grab your friends, kiddos and spouse … Here we go!

    1. A Gingerbread House of course! This wasn’t something that we did regularly when I was a child. The first experience I had putting one together left me wondering where these fun, edible structures had been my whole life! Decorating a gingerbread house is the perfect activity to do with loved ones of all ages. Enjoy watching the children giggle as they put together a not-so-perfect house, or make it a little competitive at your holiday party as you compete with your friends on who can go the most elaborate! It’s never been so easy, as gingerbread house kits are available at most of your grocery stores for around $10.
    2. Christmas Caroling through the neighborhood. Yes, yes, we know… You can’t sing and you’d rather lock yourself inside than humiliate yourself serenading your neighbors. So even if it’s just for a little comic relief and to help you laugh at yourself, we dare you! Find a few brave relatives that will join you in singing loud for all to hear!
    3. Grab those ice skates! As a former Floridian, I can truly appreciate the experience of ice skating. The only ice skating I did as a child was on a plastic like surface in the 70 degree weather. A local park decided to try and provide us southerners with a northern opportunity. Let me tell you… Ice skating in an authentic rink is much more fun! So make it romantic and skate hand in hand with your love.
    4. Plan a Shopping Day. We know it can be stressful finding the right gift for everyone on your list. Our solution? Don’t go at it alone! Plan a family shopping trip where you can pull your little elves to the side and get their opinions. It can be quite motivating to have a support system, plus everything is more fun when you do it together!
    5. Have a Gift-wrapping Party. We’re not talking about anything elaborate. Just grab some eggnog, hot cocoa and a few friends. Everyone can chip in with wrapping paper and bows. Blast that Christmas music and have a good time wrapping presents. As we said in #4, it’s a lot more fun when you do Christmas chores with those you love!
    6. Hang Christmas Cards. Don’t know what to do with all of the Christmas mail coming in? Find a fun way to display the cards all at once. By now you probably have an ever-growing stack. Hang a strand of garland on top of a doorframe and then hang your cards throughout by using clothespins. (We gotta thank Pinterest for this one!)
    7. Call your Family. We know it gets busy during the holidays. For grandparents and parents that live far away, it also gets really lonely. So take time out from all the distractions and focus on what Christmas is really about … Love. Call someone you love that you haven’t shown a lot of attention to during the holiday madness and remind them of how important they are to you.

    Whether you complete our whole list of suggestions this week or deviate and come up with your own activities, the most important thing is that you do something! Don’t look back over this month and realize that it was only shopping, decorating and cleaning that took up your Christmas. Make time for the stuff it’s all about – laughter, love, warmth and joy. And if you need us, don’t forget that the Don Williams Realty Group is here for you during the holiday season. Your real estate needs do not pause during Christmas, so we do not either. In between spending time with our families and enjoying the holidays, the Don Williams Realty Group still wants to assist you in making all of your real estate dreams comes true. It’s what drives us this holiday season. Call us today and you will be connected to an agent … Truly one of Santa’s own realty elves! Merry Christmas and until next week!

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