Dagwoods’ Delicious Deli!

    There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as stumbling across a mom-and-pop style restaurant. It’s the jewel that not a lot of people know about, but yet they have the most delicious and appetizing food around. It’s a magical moment where you feel as though you’re a pirate who has just discovered hidden treasure. The temptation is a bit different though, seeing as how a pirate probably wouldn’t want to share his secret stash. I, on the other hand, feel quite differently about sharing my experience at a local restaurant that my family and I discovered yesterday evening.

    We were on our way to the water with my father-in-love’s boat and decided to grab some quick dinner. We all had our sights on Cracker Barrel, but suddenly the idea became a bit daunting. Trying to drive a large boat into Rehoboth and then find a parking spot in a crowded lot seemed to be too big a task for our undertaking. After all, we just wanted a relaxing evening on the water! Fortunately for us, as this was all being discussed, we were driving by the XXXX Subdivision which is quite picturesque and lovely. I had never been in the area, but we spontaneously pulled into the entrance and noticed a small plaza at the very front, with a few shops and such. There was a new restaurant called Dagwoods open and we decided to take a gamble. (That can be quite risky.) Luckily for us, we stumbled upon quite an impressive place!

    The deli style restaurant with high bar stools, has a charming appeal as it’s located in a plaza directly across from beautifully manicured lawns and homes in Paynter’s Mill. Large storefront windows sit directly beside the dining area tables and chairs providing you with an incredibly peaceful view while you eat. When you enter, you order right at the counter. They offer pizza, sandwiches, salads, wraps, subs and cheesesteaks. For me, this was heaven because I’m quite a big sandwich lover. Hearty enough to make you full, yet light enough to prevent you from feeling too guilty or stuffed. The prices were very affordable with choices for sandwiches varying in size and cost. Sides were sold separate, but my hubby and I were able to split a regular sized chicken cheesesteak with fries for only $11. Portions are quite big, so it’s the perfect place to bring the kids or a friend for a quick lunch or dinner. They also serve breakfast and from what I hear it is a quite a hit on the weekends. It’s also served daily during the week. In addition to mouth watering food, specials are run on various days, such as: BOGO 50% off on sandwiches or meals, this Thursday between 2-5pm. To stay up to date on their restaurant happenings, follow them on Facebook!

    Every single member of my family was extremely impressed with the food we were served. My husband said, and I quote, “This is the best chicken cheesesteak I’ve ever had.” He wasn’t exaggerating. Everything was cooked to perfection and fresh. You could tell that the chef was experienced and skilled. We all left with smiles on our faces. While eating, the owner introduced himself and was very friendly. He shared with us that they were a new restaurant and were still somewhat of a secret… but not anymore if I have anything to do with it! This is one of those delicious places worth actually spending your money at. You won’t regret a visit! Located at 16388 Samual Paynter Blvd. Suite #104 in Milton right off of Route 1, they are open Tuesday through Saturday from 8am-8pm, and Sunday from 8am-3pm. We are happy that they have joined our list of favorite food joints!

    There’s always someplace new and exciting to visit when you live in Delaware. (And we’re not just talking about out of state.) Rehoboth and the surrounding area is bursting at the seams with exciting venues, restaurants, shops and activities for all ages. It’s a great place to live, raise a family, retire or purchase a second home. If you should need assistance with any of these ventures, then do not hesitate to call the Don Williams Group today! Located in Lewes, DE, our office is full of talented and skilled agents who are passionate about the area. Speak with us about setting up your own personalized home buying plan, and make this area…. home. Want to stay in touch? Follow us on Facebook so that you can contact us whenever you please!

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