Funland in Rehoboth

    I am convinced that inside the heart of every man and woman, there lives a little kid. If you look close enough, you can see the child behind even the most tired and wrinkled faces. What makes your inner child come alive? Perhaps it is the smell of a certain cookie that your grandma used to make… or maybe it is listening to an old song that your parents used to play when you were young. Whatever it is that ignites that youthful spark, sometimes our ‘little kid’ escapes in the form of a sparkle in the eye or a giddy smile.

    I try to always keep the little kid in me alive. Life is too short to let your spirit grow old! So I try to stay adventurous and young-at-heart. One place that rekindles that childhood glow, is Rehoboth’s Funland. Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I tagged along with our nieces and nephews to this magical land of carnival rides and games. Established in 1962, Funland has been a family owned and operated business for the last half century! There are rides for children (and adults) of all ages with the purchase of Funland tickets. Ticket prices are just 35 cents each, 20 tickets for $7, $15 for 50 tickets, or $25 for 100. For smaller children, rides range for 1-3 tickets per a ride, and 4-6 tickets for the larger kid rides.

    Funland is seasonal and opens each year in the month of May. In July and August 2017, Funland games open at 10am and rides begin at 1pm. The Haunted House ride begins at 6:30pm. By September, the times begin to change to accommodate the changing season. Rides for smaller children include: boats, fire engines, a carousel, big trucks and more. Older kids can enjoy: Cruisers, Crazy Days, the Freefall ride and more. For the ‘little kid’ inside of adults, you can enjoy some thrill rides, including: the Gravitron, Bumper Cars, Haunted Mansion and a brand new ride called the Superflip 360.

    Funland is just one more reason that Rehoboth is an incredibly family friendly and exciting place to live. Walk outside of Funland park directly onto the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk. Stick your feet into the ocean water and enjoy a cone of icecream from the boardwalk vendors… this is the life! If you would like to discuss Rehoboth Beach real estate, we are the team for you! Call the Don Williams Group today at (302)545-6859 or email Let the ‘little kid’ inside of you come alive by living on the magical eastcoast shores of Delaware.

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