History’s Treasure

    My father always taught his three daughters the importance of learning about, and from, history. We visited more history museums in my childhood than I can remember, but his persistence paid off. In school I began to love the subject of World and American history. It always seemed to come alive when I would sit in class. As my teacher would share accounts of war, kings, kingdoms, presidents, empirical triumphs and scandal, I could see it playing out in my mind as if it were actors on a stage. For a moment, I was there on the battlefield watching the canons roar. I was there in the crowd when a shot rang out in Ford’s theater the night Abraham Lincoln was shot. I was there watching the Egyptian pyramids being built. If you told me a story from history, the past met my present, and I experienced it in my own little world. To this day, history fascinates me. History is a story – a real story that occurred before our time. If we were to ignore it, we would be robbing ourselves of lessons to be learned, facts to be considered and hope to be revealed that could provide us an even better future. History is not there to be forgotten, but rather to be discussed and is a teacher in its own right.

    With this love of history, I of course was curious about my own east-coast home. Moving from Florida to Delaware when I got married, meant that there was a whole new story to be discovered about this new place that I would be living. With a little digging, I soon learned the foundational truth about a very popular city in Delaware, Rehoboth Beach! Did you know that it actually started out as a church campground? Well, if you’ve been living in the dark about the history of this beloved vacation spot and home to many, buckle up! You are our students and we’re about to have a brief history class! Here are just a few bullet point facts that we thought you might find interesting about Rehoboth Beach.

    • In 1872, after being inspired by time he had spent near the sea-side, Reverend Robert W. Todd from Wilmington, Delaware led in purchasing 414 acres of land in Rehoboth Beach. He then establish the “Rehoboth Beach Camp Meeting Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church” in 1873 as a camp meeting resort.
    • The name “Rehoboth,” came from a Virginia colony in the 17th century, which had been named by English explorers. It translates from Hebrew, as “broad places.”
    • The railroad came to Rehoboth in 1878. Restaurants, businesses and hotels started to develop around the campgrounds.
    • By 1881, camp meetings discontinued, but life still flourished in the area. Rehoboth Beach took on many name changes during this time. Called “Rehoboth Beach Association” in 1879, it’s name changed a second time to “Cape Henlopen City,” and then changed to “Rehoboth” in 1893.
    • A school was built and Rehoboth’s first mayor was instated in 1903 along with the first beach concessions that we still enjoy to this day.
    • In 1906, the first Town Hall was constructed, and the first paved roads were established in 1927. For one final time, Rehoboth’s name was changed to the “City of Rehoboth Beach,” in 1937.
    • Throughout the years, Rehoboth’s popular boardwalk was destroyed multiple times by storms, and rebuilt each time. The last incident was as recent as 1992.

    Well there ya go! Maybe you got a little more than you bargained for when you visited our realty blog, but we sure do love Rehoboth’s charm. Rich in history, this area is special for so many reasons and it’s realty is one of them. With mobile homes starting at 100K to mansions in the millions, there is something for everyone. Living close to the water and enjoying the beautiful shops, restaurants and community has been a dream of many a retired or relocating family. If it is a dream that you share, call us today at (302)841-7777! The Don Williams Group is made up of qualified agents that would be happy to assist you. Who knows, maybe when it comes to writing your own history, Rehoboth Beach will be part of the story!

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