Kayaking Summertime Dreams

    As I’ve said in a previous blog post, my husband and I started off the summer with a checklist of things we wanted to accomplish in the warmer months. (I’m a big list person, as most OCD individuals proclaim.) I’ve noticed when you write goals down, you tend to achieve them in a more speedy manner, and there’s nothing more satisfying than crossing off a chore from your planner! In this case however, our list didn’t include working tasks like cleaning out the garage or remodeling a room in our home. Our checklist was purely fun, summertime dreams! Strawberry picking (which we’ve done), bike riding, a trip to Disney (which we just returned from), a beach day and kayaking. Every Monday is our day off since my husband is a pastor. Weekends are often very busy for us as we prepare for Sunday services. So how most people would spend their weekend is how we spend the start of our week! My sweet hubby decided that he was going to start surprising me on Mondays throughout the summer by planning day trips to enjoy some of the activities on our list, and just a few weeks ago, he did just that!

    I had no idea what we’d set out to do early that Monday morning. He wouldn’t tell me any details, but to wear something sporty! He was afraid to mention swimming clothes since he didn’t want to spoil the surprise. So dressed in sneakers and a ball cap, I set out for an adventure with no hints as to what we’d be doing. All through Lewes and Rehoboth I rode in the passenger seat trying to catch clues as to the place we were heading. Through Bethany Beach we went without stopping, and I really had no idea where we were going until we pulled into Coastal Kayaking on Fenwick Island. I squealed with excitement that at last one of my life’s dreams was coming true! As a Florida girl, I had been raised around the water and had gone canoeing more times than I could count. Ironically, during all of my canoe trips, we’d pass by kayakers and I’d remark that one day I’d like to trade in my heavy and bulky canoe for a sleek and low to the water kayak. As of the age of 27, I had yet to do it until this happy, surprise Monday trip.

    (Shenae kayaking with her husband on Fenwick Island.)

    A kind friend had given my husband a coupon book from the Bethany Beach area which included several coupons to Coastal Kayak. We pulled in and walked into the small hut where you purchase your rentals. On top of kayaking rentals, they also offered Stand Up Paddling which I wanted to work my way up to, and Sailboat rentals. To share a tandem two seater kayak, we only paid $15 for a full hour! (That’s with a $5 off coupon.) Even without a discount, the rates were extremely affordable. The instructors and workers at Coastal Kayak were very kind and informative. After all, who could be grumpy working on the beautiful water like that? We caught a pretty gorgeous sunny day. Being on the water provided a comfortable breeze as well. Once we were out on the water, I felt all the stresses of life melt away with every dip of my paddle into the water. Just an hour on the water felt like a quick 20 minutes, but was the perfect time limit for my first time out there kayaking. Children and less athletic individuals would benefit from an hour, while rentals can last much longer depending on how much exercise you want and how far out you want to travel. The workers provided us plenty of sunscreen at no cost. Other added accessories were added on at a low fee, like water shoes ($10 each) and a waterproof bag for our phones ($1). These were of course optional, but very helpful as it was our first kayak trip together and we’d forgotten some items. (In my defense, I didn’t even know how to prepare.)

    Coastal Kayak’s in season session is from Memorial Day through Labor Day in which they are open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm. Their off season period are all other days, where hours vary according to the weather. For more information on Coastal Kayak, visit their website here.

    Living near the water has always been a way of life for me. In Florida, I lived close to St. George Island, which is a private beach similar to Cape Henlopen here in Delaware. During the summertime I grew up visiting the beach frequently. In my mind, hearing the water crash on the shore, swimming and being on the water goes hand in hand with hot summer days. I’ve been blessed to marry and move to a location where I do not have to sacrifice my time in, on and around water. One of the main reasons Rehoboth Beach and the surrounding areas are considered the most ideal spots for living, vacationing and retiring is the beautiful waterfronts, beach boutiques and incredible restaurants. It truly is a dream and the agents in our Don Williams Realty Group love the area as much as their clients. For any of your Delaware real estate needs, including buying or selling a home, call the Don Williams Group today at (302)545-6859.

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