Lupo di Mare: Rehoboth’s Italy


    During its off season, my husband I decided to explore Rehoboth Beach. It was still winter and there were no beach goers in sight. A lot of the shops had closed down, but there were a few restaurants still open for business. There it was, like a beacon of light shining in the gloomy darkness. A small step into Italy itself, Lupo di Mare sat adjacent to the Rehoboth Hotel welcoming those that were braving the cold weather in order to walk the sidewalks of the quiet beach town mid-winter.

    Entering in the restaurant, our eyes were met with the most comfortable yet chic touches of Italy in decor and style. Wooden floors led to linen cloths draped on the tables, assuring us that we were in an upscale establishment. Yet somehow we also got the feeling that we could relax. The environment was comfortable. Casual dress would fit in just fine but if we wanted to dress in our business attire or more for a fun date, it looked like we would not feel out of place.
    If you would visit today, you would see art gracing the walls and a mixture of booths and tables. In the back corner is a bar area with an extensive wine collection and a hostess station. The entire restaurant is a good size for a small party or group, yet not too big to where you feel overwhelmed. The space itself aids in providing a more intimate and close experience for your dinner guests.
    Once seated you’ll be given homemade bread to munch on while you decided which entree to choose. We could never be the ones to tell you what to pick. There are so many delicious and made from scratch options! We were told by our waitress that even the noodles are made in their kitchen. You will see menu items such as: Shrimp Carbonaro with paccheri, pancetta, local peas, cream, and egg yolk, Chicken Cutlet Parmesan wit spaghetti, red sauce, mozzarella and herbs, as well as Fruiti di Mare with fin and shellfish, tomato, chili flake, herbs and toast. Even the least adventurous members of your family will find a dish that suits their pallet. Small plates are great for appetizers and salads or pizza are always a safe bet. The menu starts at $4 small plates and climbs to about $28 for some entrees.
    The best part, is that the restaurant offers specials weekly. During the winter months, there were days that your entire bill was discounted a certain percentage, or specific food items were discounted. The incentives offered are just the cherry on top- as if the gorgeous environment and friendly service isn’t enough. Needless to say, this restaurant is a gem. Truly an experience that you offer your guests, and feel proud of. They are open Sunday – Thursday from 5 – 9:30pm and Friday – Saturday from 5 – 10pm.
    Lupo di Mare1
    Local treasures such as Lupo di Mare are more than a coincidence in Rehoboth. They are quite intentional and even numerous. The list of restaurants that are unique, quaint and all around pleasant, is pretty long. It is just one of the many reasons why living in Rehoboth is something you should consider! It is time to relax and enjoy life again. If you’re looking for a second home, retirement house or just hoping to relocate, let the Don Williams Realty Group work for you. Call us today at 302. 545.6859 and let our experienced agents assist you in finding a place near all the delicious spots! Who knows, maybe Lupo di Mare will turn into your favorite dinner stop as well!

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