My Day on the Boardwalk

    We all remember those magical moments from childhood. The special place that your grandfather used to take you to buy the most delicious ice cream cone you’ve ever tasted. The days when the whole family would pack up for countless fun filled hours laying on hot sand and swimming in a salty sea. The magic that was sunshine, flip flops, watermelon and summer days. Even now as an adult, little scents or sights can trigger those happy moments. A wafting smell of corndogs, french fries and salt water all mixed together to provide you with the happiest of memories… purity and innocence all wrapped up in a jovial and carefree child just enjoying summertime. This is more poetically a statement of how I felt on Monday as I walked on the Rehoboth boardwalk. I couldn’t have elaborately explained it in that moment. I only knew… I felt happy. It’s such a treasure to feel purely and incandescently happy as an adult, isn’t it? It’s not that we’re miserable, it’s just that we’re busy. We’re running errands, paying bills and we wonder at what point we lost the inner child.

    Rehoboth boardwalk resurrected that little girl in me this week. My husband and I decided to have lunch near the beach. Instead of prancing into an indoor restaurant, we longed to soak up as much of the gorgeous weather as we could. There is something about the wind as it hits your face and threatens to throw the hat from your head that seams to whip down into your soul. Suddenly your worries and cares are thrown behind you as if the wind itself did the job. So upon my suggestion, we walked up and down the boardwalk eyeing food vendors as we went. Was it fancy and exquisite dining? No, but was it making me incandescently happy? You bet.

    What was on the menu, was first a side of what my husband claims, are the best fries in the world. Thrasher’s French Fries did not disappoint. I mean, how else could a business run by selling one side only since 1929? They didn’t even offer ketchup (much to my dismay.) However, much to my surprise, they didn’t need a drop of any sort of condiment. These fries were seriously the best I’ve ever tasted. Just salty enough, fresh and hot as they were served to us. Thrasher’s has multiple stations set up around the boardwalk. The closest location is right next to Dolle’s candyshop on Rehoboth Avenue. Just keep your eye out for the blue sign with white lettering!

    After enjoying delicious fries, we tried out a vendor called Shrimpy’s Snack Shack. It is located right beside the Rehoboth Band stand, next to The Ice Cream Store on Rehoboth Avenue, before you actually step onto the boardwalk. They had fresh cooked food including corndogs, crab cake sandwiches, funnel cakes, hot dogs and more. Everything was made as your ordered and was delicious. The owner was also very friendly and treated us the way you ought to treat customers! Of course, everyone was in quite a good mood on that glorious sun-shiny day. When we finished the savory part of our meal, we had no choice of course but to slip right next door to the afore mentioned Ice Cream Store.

    Flashy signs stated that the Ice Cream Store had been highlighted on numerous television shows and served hundreds of homemade flavors that would leave ice cream lovers licking their lips! Out of curiosity and a big sweet tooth, we decided to give it a go. They certainly lived up to their promises! My husband got a banana ice cream flavor and I tried the cookie dough. It was some of the most creamy and delicious ice cream I’ve had in years. Small cones started at $3.99 and went up towards $10 depending on how much you wanted and what type of cone. The store had gigantic waffle cones in various shapes and sizes, as well as ice cream sandwiches in any flavor you desired. This sweet treat was certainly the cherry on top of a beachside culinary experience for the books.

    Everywhere we looked during that lunch date, we saw smiles and heard laughter. Couples strolled aimlessly just lost in the beauty of the day. Families chatted and chuckled as they walked in a cluster towards the water. The cool weather and lack of any clouds in the sky, allowed all beach goers to simply enjoy joy that is Rehoboth Beach. It reminded me of how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful area. We are able to access the Rehoboth boardwalk on a whim’s notice! It’s simply lovely and a great reminder of why it just so happens to be a major tourist attraction as well. Every day people are flooding in over the summer days to experience the happiness of the east coast.

    For those that want their Rehoboth beach days to be a bit more permanent, we certainly don’t blame you! The Don Williams Realty Group is made up of skilled agents that are passionate about the stunning area and the joy it brings to retired couples, young families and everyone alike. If you are considering a move to the beach or just want to buy or sell a home, give us a call today to speak to a qualified and friendly agent. Our team can assist you in setting up a personalized home buying plan right away or at a pace that you are most comfortable with. And if you’re feeling a little uncertain… just take a quick stroll on the boardwalk. I have a feeling from experience, that your time there will be more than a little convincing!

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