My ‘Favorite Fresh Finds’

    Now a’days it is all about being organic, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. It is a bit of a fad mentality – one of which I admit being converted to. Some might call me a sucker for gravitating towards the foods that cost much more due to an “ORGANIC” sticker attached to the box. One thing I know for sure is I want to live a long, healthy life. And I’ve compared grocery store food to the produce I’ve hand picked at orchards and farms, and the difference is undeniable. The presence of pesticides, preservatives, chemicals and more on our food is horrific. So, cue the healthy eating nuts!

    Rehoboth and the surrounding area has made great efforts providing clean eating for its community. Lately my husband and I have enjoyed picking out our groceries straight off the stands of local farm vendors. And when we are unable to enjoy farmer’s markets, we do the next best thing by shopping in grocery stores known for their fresh, quality and local products. Here’s my top “favorite fresh finds” from our area.

    Milford Farmer’s Market – Every Saturday the town of Milford, DE sets up their very own Farmer’s Market. The market is open from 9am-1pm from May through October. I just visited for the first time this past week and vowed to start buying all of my fruits and veggies there. Every organic and farm-fresh item you could imagine was present. Eggs were being sold from a local chicken farm with range free birds. Local honey was on display in large jars and all of the produce was grown within miles of the market. Prices were incredibly affordable and the environment was pure bliss.

    The Fresh Market – Usually my hubby and I dread grocery shopping. Let’s just say the base Wal-Mart experience wasn’t thrilling us anymore. In walks Fresh Market with its wood floors, classical music and impressive customer service. Not to mention the main reason we fell in love – the fresh produce, meats and home-made meal options. The chicken was antibiotic free, the ground beef was all natural and of course everything was organic and of the best quality. It was incredibly convenient as well to purchase a full meal for $14.99 with a full chicken and two sides made fresh that day. Or a home-made pizza ready to pop in the over, next to the sushi and quiches and wraps! (I could go on and on.) Let’s just say we’ll be back. It’s a date!

    Fifer’s Orchard – I’ve been a fan for awhile. There is always seasonal fruit to pick by hand. (This is the place where I first learned that organic strawberries are a lot smaller than the steroid ones you find in franchise grocery stores.) I’ve picked blueberries, apples and strawberries here and enjoyed shopping in their Farm Country store as well. Fresh veggies, locally roasted coffee, apple cider, fresh roasted nuts and daily-made donuts are all at your fingertips.

    What’s your favorite fresh find? Share it with us at so that we can pass it on to our readers.

    No matter how you like your eggs – cage free or who cares – Rehoboth is a great place to live! (There’s even a Wal-Mart for those that are loyal.) Plenty of shopping, plenty or restaurants and plenty of sunshine. If you are considering a rental home, beach house or retirement dwelling, why not give us a call? The Don Williams Group is exceptionally skilled at placing families in their dream homes. Call the Don Williams Group at (302)545-6859 or email us at fore more information.



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