New in Rehoboth

    Anyone that knows me, knows I am a strong Starbucks loyalist. It started back in my college days. Growing up, my parents were not big coffee drinkers. To quite the extreme opposite, they literally gagged at the taste. So we did not have coffee (or even soda for that matter) in our home. We were more of the Kool-Aid, water, tea type of people. I do not think I had even tried coffee by my early twenties. Cue college and late night study sessions. Cue not having a lot of money, but needing a place to crash for a couple hours while you hang out with friends. In steps the hero… Starbucks.

    As students, we would slip over to Starbucks up to two or three times a day. It was the perfect place to go when you needed to get off campus. For a mere $5 you could lounge on big leather couches and feel at home. It was way better than sitting in the musky and dark dorm rooms. The environment was studious yet edgy and fun. 7 years later and I’m a gold card-carrying Starbucks supporter. I’ve stuck with them through some controversial times – even when I didn’t believe in some of the public statements that they as a company would make. I just loved the coffee and I loved the community vibe that Starbucks made you to feel a part of.

    Needless to say I’ve been a frequent customer to our local Starbucks in Lewes, DE. You know what I’m talking about – the one that used to be by the first set of Tanger Outlets when you were heading in towards the beach. It was a constant pit-stop for me on my many shopping excursions. It was small and crammed more often than not, but it was my lifeline when I started feeling a little droopy. The perfect pick-me-up for a day at the beach and outlets. Imagine my delight when I heard that there was another Starbucks being built just down the road! Unlike this location, the new spot would have a DRIVE-THROUGH! That meant that there would be no more frantic dashes in the rain or skipping out one a drink to get to work in time. I could now drive right up to the window for a dry run.

    (The new Starbucks exterior!)

    Come to find out, this new Starbucks location was just an upgrade of the former. One closed down when the other opened up. The new and improved Starbucks is now located at 19446 Coastal Highway. The good news is that this upgraded Starbucks is A LOT bigger than the latter. The space seemed to double – if not triple – in size. There is so much more seating even though it’s been packed every time I’ve visited. It is decorated in a the traditional coffee shop vibe with a beach like spin. Aqua backsplash that looks like mermaid fins highlight the main wall situated behind the counter.

    (A funny shaped panoramic pic of the interior. Thanks Google!)

    You could summate the whole situation by saying, I am one happy camper. We have a bigger and better Starbucks near my work and things are looking up for Rehoboth. Then again, that’s not surprising. Rehoboth is one booming destination spot for tourists, vacationers, retirees and families looking to settle down near the beach. One new coffee shop is barely scratching the surface of all that this city has to offer. There are constantly new restaurants opening and home for sale. If you are in the market for a new home – whether it’s a vacation home or retirement house, give the Don Williams Group a call today at (302)545-6859! Be apart of a happening and exciting place to live and raise your family. We are a team of highly motivated and professional realtors looking to serve you.

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