Notting Hill Coffee: The Shop with Heart

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    Located in the historical town of Lewes, Notting Hill Coffee resides at 124 Second Street in a strip of shops and restaurants. It may be one of the many stops you can make in Lewes, but this one stands out for many reasons.

    We’re really big on atmosphere, so let’s start there. The moment you pull the wooden screen door open, you’re transported into a rustic coffee shop. The aroma of fresh roasted coffee saturates the air. You will see an actual coffee roasting machine to your right, next to several tables that welcome you to sit and stay awhile. Sitting in front of the roaster are large burlap bags that the coffee beans are shipped with, before they are roasted in the store.
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    While you wait in line, (because there’s usually a few people already there that have discovered this gem) you will see every coffee flavor imaginable at your disposal. They’ve been known to have flavored brews like Madeleine Cookies and Red Velvet, as well as more traditional choices.  Lining the entire left-hand wall are shelves with hand packaged coffee and tea options. Each one is sealed and hand written on. It is quite impressive and reassures you that this is no generic industrialized coffee shop. This place has heart.
    Amy Felker is the owner of Notting Hill Coffee Shop, and along with her staff, grounds and roasts the coffee beans on site before serving. Salivating yet? We haven’t even mentioned the delectable food options! It is not just about coffee and tea at this shop. Along with that rich and flavorful beverage, grab yourself a homemade pastry, Ooey Gooey dessert, sticky bun or Gorilla Stick. They even serve more hearty options for lunch time, including chicken salad sandwiches, spinach and cheese croissants as well as quiche. It is a one stop shop for a special treat to your taste buds.
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    Whether you decide to stop in the physical location of Notting Hill Coffee, sit and chat with friends, or decide you just want to have some coffee shipped to your home, Notting Hill Coffee will assist you. You can even shop online by visiting their website, to find the flavor that sounds most appealing to you! Shop local and support this incredible little coffee shop that packs a big punch! You will never grow tired of visiting, as the flavors change constantly and seasonal drinks are always provided. Plus, as we’ve already mentioned, the ambiance is pure authentic happiness.
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    Shops such as Notting Hill Coffee are one of the reasons we love living around this area. If you’d like to join the neighborhood, why don’t you give one of our qualified agents a phone call today? The Don Williams Realty Group is one of the most experienced real estate groups in Rehoboth and would love to help you get settled in your perfect haven. Call 302-545-6859 and let us help make your dreams come true!

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