Ocean View, Delaware


    For those of us that are new to the area, it can be hard to keep track of all the extraordinary towns surrounding Rehoboth. Rehoboth Beach hosts enough to keep you occupied for the rest of your days, but if you ever get a wandering spirit, there are many destinations to explore! One such destination is Ocean View Beach and it is only a short 25-minute drive from Rehoboth.

    Ocean View was founded in 1889. Its history dates back much further to the colonial days. Ocean view consisted of just 500 acres belonging to a man named Matthew Scarborough. When he passed away it was passed down to two other families before a man named W.S. Hall began establishing a general store on the land. A town began cumulating soon after and after the War Between the States, “Ocean View” was named. As you might imagine, it was named for the reason that you could supposedly view the Atlantic Ocean from some of the taller buildings in Ocean View.

    According to the town website, oceanviewde.com, Ocean View’s population is around 2,039 people. It is considered to be the beginning of the commercial broiler used in the chicken industry and it consists of 23 miles of roadway. This scenic area consists of parks and trails such as the Assawoman Canal Trail. This trail links the Little Assawoman Bay and Indian River Bay. The John West Park is also a great spot to bring your children and family for a festive picnic and day outdoors. Grills set beside picnic tables and a pavilion are the perfect spot to stop and enjoy a good bar-b-que while your kids use the playground to stay entertained. For those interested in utilizing the area for parties and private groups, reservations can also be made.


    The town bird is a Purple Martin.

    Ocean City is a Tree City Participant.

    Every June, July and August the town hosts Concerts in the park.

    Every December the town hosts Holiday in the Park.

    Living on the east coast is a treat each and every day. With cities such as Ocean View, there are so many options to choose from when making the decision to relocate or purchase a second home. No matter where you go, you are always minutes from the the water! That means you are minutes from relaxation, rest, recuperation and restoration. Let the Don Williams Realty team aid you in making your next big move to the east coast! We can help you make a city such as Ocean View your new home.

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