Rehoboth: A Dog’s Best Friend


    I didn’t grow up around dogs. The few we had were all outdoors (we lived in Florida) and I was not an outdoor type of girl. So needless to say, I didn’t develop any strong bonds. As a matter of fact, I actually had a few bad experiences with canines – one of them being bitten while riding my bike. All of that changes tomorrow. My husband and I will have been married for a year in December. We promised ourselves that around 1 year of matrimony, we would embrace a baby dog into our home. My husband has always loved dogs, and I have always thought it would be nice to try out my parenting skills on a puppy before actual human babies.

    When making a move or relocating their families, many people consider more than the school districts and over all amenities of a new neighborhood. While Rehoboth offers the best in every category, we understand that for those with furry family members, there are other things to be considered in addition. When you are the mother or father of fur babies, a move takes on a whole new meaning. Are there dog friendly spots? Will my animals be allowed on the beach? These are questions that non-dog owners would probably not consider, but for those that are curious, we’ve done research on why Rehoboth is a great place for dogs and their owners!

    1. There are restaurants that actually permit dogs to dine with their humans. Hobos on Baltimore Avenue has outdoor dining sheltered from the elements, where dogs can sit and eat as well. There is literally dog food bowls of organic chick and rice on the menu.
    2. A lot of shops near the boardwalk will place out bowls of water during the summertime outside their doors, so that your pooch can take a break from walking and hydrate himself!
    3. A fun doggie stop to treat your furry friend is Critter Beach on Rehoboth Avenue. There are gourmet treats and cookies that you can purchase for your pets.
    4. Browseabout Bookstore allows dogs to ring a bell in their outside window, hands out dog treats and also has a bowl of water at the door. It’s such a thoughtful stop when you’re outdoors walking with your exercise buddy.
    5. Dogs are allowed on the beach in Rehoboth and boardwalk, but there are time limitations based on the season. Check out the cities website for specific times.
    6. Cape Henlopen State Park is nearby, and dogs are allowed year round. So there is always an outdoor trail to walk if dogs are currently banned from the boardwalk during specific months.

    No matter what your needs, Rehoboth is sure to provide. Considering every part of your family is what makes Rehoboth friendly for humans and doggies alike. The agents in the Don Williams Group understand there are so many strings attached to our heart when we are making decisions about where to live. Taking all of your priorities into consideration, our team wants to help make your new home a dream for every member of the family – no matter how small. If you are looking for real estate in Delaware, homes for sale in Rehoboth or just a little getaway for vacation nearby, we can help. Give us a call today at 302-545-6859 to get started.

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