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    So you’ve considered moving to Rehoboth Beach, DE. It is a lovely place to purchase a second home, retire or even relocate! What now? Well, we figured you may want to know a few details about your future haven. Thanks to, we’ve put together a pretty easy to read list of demographics, including information about the ages, incomes, families and homes you would be associated with. We may be a little bias, but there is plenty to be proud of, not only geographically and on a scenic basis, but there are many accomplished and successful citizens as well. After all, it is the people that make up the overall warmth and happiness of Rehoboth. Check out demographics below!

    EDUCATION: Rehoboth boasts of many educated dwellers. The highest percentage of education categories is that of having a graduate or Professional School degree with over 1,000 home owners falling in this category. The 2nd most populous category is that of having a Bachelor’s degree with over 700 citizens in this category. With hard workers and high achievers making up the majority of the population, you couldn’t ask for more intelligent and professional neighbors!

    LIFESTYLE: The population is around 2,205 with a median household income of $73,844 as well as an average household net worth of $408,518 and a median age of 61.



    HOME PRICES: The average price for a home in Rehoboth is $449,000 and the average sold price is $475,000. There are currently over 500 homes for sale in Rehoboth and several of them are our listings!

    MARITAL STATUS: Want to know what demographic you’ll fall into? There’s a large majority of married couples in Rehoboth. (Great for double dates!) 10% are single, 5.3% single parents and 9.4% married with children living at home.

    marital status

    AGE BREAKDOWN: So you know the median age is 61 in Rehoboth, but here’s a chart showing the exact break down for every age demographic!

    age break down

    They say it is always good to make an educated and well informed decision. Now that you have been educated on the face and feel of the people and properties in Rehoboth, there is only one thing left to do; Make an educated and well informed decision in purchasing the right home. Our agents are here for you 24/7 to make sure that you get the best price for your best dream home. Taking the time to show you around the beach, research possible spaces and develop a relationship with you that will last a lifetime, is what sets our Realty Team apart. We put your first and want to make sure that you are making the best possible decision about your move to Rehoboth. Give us a call today, at 302-545-6859.

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