Rose and Crown

    We were attempting to stroll through downtown Lewes, but as you might imagine with the sporadic winter weather, we were not very successful. Most shops had been closed due to the brisk wind and lack of tourists. It was after all March – not quite the summer season yet. My husband and I laughed at how silly it was to try to leisurely walk down the charming sidewalks when everything was shut down and it was miserably chilly. We almost considered it a loss, when we remembered that dinner time was approaching.

    “Let’s go to Rose and Crown!” my hubby suggested. I didn’t hesitate to affirm that was a great idea. Rose and Crown has always been one of our favorite restaurants. The ambiance alone has kept us coming back time and time again. It’s “London-esque” decor and menu makes us feel like we’re smack dab in the UK having a delicious meal. Plus they’re open year round. That means even in the winter season when a lot of Lewes destinations hibernate, you can always count on a hot meal at Rose and Crown.

    Rose and Crown is attached to the Rodney Hotel which is a boutique hotel on 2nd street in Lewes. It is the perfect spot to dine if you are a guest, but it also has an exterior and separate entrance for non-guests. The exterior entrance is made to look just like a red London phone booth and it sits on 142 2nd Street. Picture London and it is what you’ll find inside. Exposed brick, tall black leather booths, and a menu with items like the Dorchester Lamb Burger, Manchester Mushroom Soup, Bangers and Mash, English Pot Roast, Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie and Canterbury Pork. The best part? Not only are they iconic dishes but they taste good as well.

    We were pleased to discover they had updated their menu within the past year. Our waitress also let us know they were about to update it again. So steady customers can rely on their favorites but they can also experiment and never grow tired of the available entrees. Wine, cocktails and beer is also available for those needing a drink to fully engross themselves in the London-like pub experience.

    We at the Don Williams Group definitely consider ourselves foodies. (That means you love food, right?) That’s one of the millions of reasons we enjoy helping families settle down in Rehoboth and the surrounding communities. The Don Williams Group knows that having numerous conveniences such as Rose and Crown and other restaurants is incredibly attractive to those looking for a second or retirement home. After all, what is vacation and retirement if you can’t relax and let other people cook for you? For more information about Delaware Real Estate or to speak with one of our qualified agents, call us today at (302)545-6859. We’d love to help you set up a personalized home buying plan!

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