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    As much as I hate to admit it, Christmas is just around the corner. It seems like yesterday that it was summertime! Before you know it, Thanksgiving will have come and gone and the craziness of shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, hosting parties and running ourselves a bit ragged will ensue. But in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, there is one thing that I always look forward to. Somewhere along the line of Christmas’ craziness, a spirit of giving sweeps over the nation. It becomes a little less about ME and a little more about OTHERS. Then there are worthy causes that groups of people take up to show love and selflessness in a very special way, and all because of Christmas.

    One such program is that of “Stockings for Soldiers.” This heartwarming program is led locally by a couple in Rehoboth Beach. As you might imagine, they provide gifts and goodies to soldiers that have served our country and begin as early as this month, collecting and assembling the stockings. We contacted Carl Sheran, one of the coordinators of this group, and here is what he had to say about Stockings for Soldiers.


          “The program started twelve years ago. The son of a Wilmington resident, a West Point grad, who was out of the country at the holidays told his mom that there were many soldiers who did not receive any holiday cheer packages.  She took it upon herself to start Stockings for Soldiers. She contacted the parent group for West Point and, through them, got the names and addresses of their sons and daughters serving over seas. She contacted them and got the names of the soldiers in their group and their mailing address. Then, she set about collecting goodies to fill hand made stockings for each one.  The stockings had the name of each soldier, so it was a very individualized gift.
         The program is centered in Wilmington where over 1000 volunteers work from mid October until November assembling the stockings and packing them for delivery. Marianne and I got involved by serving to coordinate donations from local groups here in Sussex county. We have been involved for about five years and have seen the local contributions grow over that time. Groups like The First Town Club in Lewes, V.I.A. In Rehoboth, community groups like the Henlopen Langing Home Owners, St. Jude parishioners, and many other Groups and individuals. The list of desired contributions can be found on the program’s web site: This is also a good reference for additional info.
         Last year, about 1,500 boxes packed with over 8,500 home made, personalized stockings that were filled with over 40,000 pounds of goodies were sent around the world.
         If individuals or groups would like to contribute, they can go to the web site to see what is needed.  There is a page listing items (such as candy, small tooth paste and tooth brushes, socks, etc). Collections can be received up until November 18. We will arrange to have the items delivered to the center in Wilmington. Contributions can be dropped off at our home or we will arrange pick up. People can contact us at 302-547-6878.”
    As big and overwhelming as the world may seem, the feeling of a small town community can still penetrate the darkness and loneliness around us, binding communities together with compassion and care for those that have served our nation. The Don Williams Realty Group supports causes such as “Stockings for Soldiers,” and is proud that the Rehoboth Beach area is well represented in such efforts. We encourage all of our readers to become involved this year, and remember, for all of your real estate needs in Rehoboth, contact us! Call today at (302) 584-2548.

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