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    There is nothing more relaxing than putting the phones away, clicking off the television and enjoying some good old fashioned activities; sitting on the porch sipping apple cider, planting fresh plants in your home landscaping or shopping at an actual farm market with vegetables and fruit plucked straight from the ground and sent to your table. No grocery stores or processed foods. There is something so rewarding about it, that at the end of the day, you go to bed refreshed and at peace.

    You, like myself, may have passed by Tomato Sunshine a gazillion times, with no idea as to what delightful treasures lay within it’s walls. Following a little research, I realized what an incredible entity lays within just a few miles of Rehoboth Beach. Tomato Sunshine is a Garden Center and Farm Market. If you are looking to engage in some of the relaxing and rewarding activities mentioned above, this is your one stop shop to begin! Open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm and Sunday from 9am to 5pm, you’re sure to be able to swing by after work one day. Located right off of the highway at 19791 Coastal Highway, this market is just minutes from the beach. It sits near the final set of Tanger Outlets when you are making a beeline towards the water front.

    For all of your landscaping needs, like beautiful annual flowers, visit the garden center. They’re equipped with plants and seeds to start sprucing up your yard, and even start your own little garden to grow berries or mint. If you need to start with the absolute basics, they even sell soil, mulch and stone. (We told you it was a one-stop shop!) They also feature helpful answers and tips to your gardening needs on their website, at

    tomatoe sunshine produce

    Make your way to the market and experience fresh produce! Seasonal fruits and vegetables are available for the picking! Lemon drop melons, peaches, cotton candy grapes and of course…. tomatoes, are just a few that have been featured this year. Preserves and jams also appear to line the shelves above the fresh food. Cheese is also a highlighted food product at Tomato Sunshine! Every week a new cheese is featured, some of which have been: midnight moon, pecorino foglienoce, leyden, delice de pommard, moliterno al tarfufo and manchego cheese. If you’re not a foodie, those names were probably Greek… so just know… those are really amazing aged cheeses with flavors ranging from nutty and brown-buttery to truffle flavored sheep and goat’s milk cheese.

    When you live in Rehoboth Beach, Tomato Sunshine is just minutes from your front door. But not only this farm market and garden center… hundreds of incredible restaurants, stores and activities as well. Not to mention the seaside. Doesn’t it sound delightful? Doesn’t it sound like home? Let us help you make that move. Once you’ve made the decision to relocate, purchase a second home or retirement pad, we will do the legwork. Our incredibly talented real estate agents are competent, caring and hardworking. Finding the right match for you and your family is what we do. Call us today at 302-545-6859 to speak with members of our team and live near all the delights!

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