Lewes, Delaware, Paradise of History Found!

    Situated where the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean meet, at Cape Henlopen, Lewes Delaware is a quaint, walking town filled to the brim with natural and American history.   With pleasant historical landmarks turned into museums such as The Cannonball House and Zwaanendael Museum, the varied history of this area has been wonderfully preserved.  There is also the 1812 Memorial Park, commemorating the successful defense against a British attack during the War of 1812. The park offers both a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of Lewes and its maritime history with the historical ships kept along the Lewes Canal within the park.  You can learn more about the historical landmarks in Lewes at http://www.lewes.com/.

    When spending time in Lewes, a sense of the past comes alive with local craftsmen such as John Ellsworth, who has been the village blacksmith for several years, and with whimsical antique stores like Auntie M’s Emporium.  Lewes has a vast number of historical buildings for a small village town.  The Zwaanendel Inn is a Registered Historical Place, there are churches dating back to the early 1700’s, and neighborhoods proliferated with 19th c Victorian homes.

    For those who love the outdoors, there are plenty of natural areas with beaches and parks along the cape which provide ample space to experience time with nature.  Some activities include sailing and swimming to bird-watching camping, and hiking.  Cape Henlopen State Park offers not only these activities, but plays host to many community events throughout the year

    Community events offer a great way to connect with the town and find out if Lewes Delaware is the place for you.  Coming up on October 19th is the 8th annual Cheese Wine & Beer tasting sponsored by Friends of Cape Henlopen State Park.  This could be an ideal way to visit the natural beauty of the Cape and Lewes, and learn more about this wonderful town.   You can learn more at http://www.leweschamber.com/event/8th-annual-wine-cheese-and-beer-tasting. Another wonderful opportunity will be on October 26th, when The Lewes Yacht club hosts the Ghosts of the Ball Pirate Party.  An exciting time for fun while recalling Delaware’s very colorful history, it also gives Lewes residents and neighbors the opportunity to help local children learn to swim, learn about the environment in the bay area, receive scholarships for marine studies and to truly enjoy the Delaware Bay – See more at: http://www.leweschamber.com/event/ghosts-bay-ball#sthash.w6Nxm43g.dpuf

    If you are looking to retire to Lewes, you will be able to better afford your leisure years of historical and natural explorations through tax advantages that Lewes has.   Some of the significant tax savings include no sales tax, no personal property tax, and no estate tax.  There are also low income and corporate Taxes, including up to $12,500 personal exclusion for pensions and reduced property taxes (approx 35%) for senior citizens.  Come and explore historical and natural Lewes, a place you can call home.